Paperwork and Paul Revere

Over the past few weeks, I have taken three separate trips into Boston to solidify various bureaucratic details before I leave for France. I will be on an airplane in less than a week! In the way of documents, I proudly possess:

  • My arrêté de nomination (work contract)
  • A 12 month visa stating that I will be a travailleur temporaire (AKA employed!) for the next year.
  • An original copy of my birth certificate
  • A French translation of said birth certificate
  • An apostille officially certifying the authenticity of said birth certificate
  • A whole bunch of ID photos
  • A stamped immigration form that will help me legally live in the country
  • My medical history and shot record
  •  Tax info and pay stubs for the last two years so I can plead for housing assistance money
  • An International Driving Permit

The list continues. And since the French have an unexplained love affair with photocopies, a considerable amount of precious suitcase weight will be going toward the many necessary papers to help me move to France and stay in the country.

The upside to my adventures in Boston has been lots of material to show my students about my home city! I visited the Swan Boats, Make Way For Ducklings, Park St Church, The State House, Granary Cemetery, and Boston Common while I made stops at the French Consulate and Office of Public Records. It has been so fun to rediscover a city that I’ve spent virtually no time in since I moved away to Arkansas. It feels fitting to familiarize myself with Boston once again just before jetting off to make my home in a new place.

I’m thankful for the few weeks home to get everything in order and spend time with family before my scenery completely changes once again! It’s been a crazy summer, but I couldn’t be more grateful.


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