Packing and Pre-Flight Frenzy

Lately, my life has been full of packing lists and last minute Amazon orders (my order of a dozen little American flags that my French co-teacher asked for arrived today… thank goodness!). Pinning travel tips on Pinterest and reading reviews on outlet converters. I’ve been scanning and copying all of my documents and reading blogs of former TAPIF participants to piece together lesson ideas for my collège kiddos.

While the last month has dragged on at times, it has been so nice to slowly gather the things I want to take with me for this new adventure. And as I do so, I’ve been rereading Hannah Brencher’s memoir If You Find This Letter. She recounts her post-grad adventure in NYC with candor and charm. I love how she describes her new surroundings.

Sometimes some places get superglued to your being no matter how you try to pry or tear them off you. Seemingly innocent dots on brightly colored maps do something to you. They turn you inside out. They make you question everything.

It feels crazy to become attached to places in this way, but her words couldn’t be more accurate. Places that I’ve called home for short periods of time are forever etched on my heart. Countries that I had temporary visas for and stateside places where I’ve felt a strong sense of home. So as I travel over the next few days, I’m ready to find and make home in my new place knowing that the ones I’m leaving behind are forever superglued to my heart.


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