Bike lanes are hard.

My greatest achievement today (after grocery shopping and getting wonderfully lost downtown) was that I am the proud owner of a beautiful red bike! It doesn’t have a basket (yet), but it has a bell and it is the perfect size for me! It does have oddly loose handlebars, so I need to figure out if that’s a normal feature of French bikes or if I need to get something tightened. Coincidently, I learned the word for handlebars last night so I’m super prepared. While I was hanging out with my co-teacher’s family last night, her 7 year old was practicing writing the sentence J’ai un vélo blanc avec un guidon vert (I have a white bike with green handlebars). He looked at me and asked if he spelled guidon write and I whispered back Je n’ai aucune idée (I have no idea). He was thrilled. It was clearly the validation of the century that this random girl who showed up at his house also didn’t know how to spell handlebar. It was a great bonding moment.

So now I’m working on figuring out exactly where I’m supposed to ride this new bike of mine. Most of the time, there are super handy cyclists painted on the road to show me where to go and most one way streets have “No entry” signs that say beneath them sauf cyclists so I’ve got that, but I got to an intersection with a busy street this afternoon and said “mmmm nope!” and turned around. I’ll stick to back roads and my neighborhood for now. It’ll look way cooler when I get a basket, but for now, here’s my beautiful new bike!



6 thoughts on “Bike lanes are hard.

  1. I love how excited you are over this bicycle. It reminds me of when I went to Germany and my host family had gotten me a well loved bike. I rode it to death while I was there and it was one of my favorites.
    Hrolf the Ganger (you may know me as Brandon from church.)


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