First Day of School + Water Spa (Part Two)

I think I can officially say that I have my first real French friend. And by friend I mean someone who isn’t my roommate and therefore forced to be nice to me or was assigned to be my contact person in this country. I met Lucile last week when my bike handlebars were loose and she happened to be in the right place and eagerly wielded a screwdriver to help me out. That first night, she invited me to have a glass of wine with her and mentioned that she was going to the water spa on Monday afternoon if I’d like to join. Lucile’s the kind of person who’s not especially loud and boisterous, but makes you feel instantly comfortable in her presence. Since I’m in the business of recklessly accepting invitations, I said yes! Even when she asked if I had a bathing suit and I realized I didn’t bring one. So she dropped off 3 for me to try on Sunday afternoon and I agreed.

After my morning at school and huge lunch at Carole’s parents’ house, I came home and threw on my borrowed bathing suit and wondered what I was getting myself into. We drove ten minutes to Carré d’Eau and I saw what looked to be like a pool/ mini water park complex. We walked in and got tickets (it was only €10 for 2 hours!) and made our way to the “Bien Etre” (Well-Being) sign in the middle of the pool wonderland. We walked in and I was both surprised and fascinated. There was fake bamboo and palm trees and soothing music. It really was a pool spa. Lucile showed me where to put my towel (they have heated lawn chairs where you can leave your towel and come lay down) and we headed to the hot tub.

The whole water spa includes a rotation hot tubs, hydromassage, saunas, and Hammam. The hydromassage was essentially a pool with strong jets at varying heights. You start at your feet and ankles and stand in front of it for about 5 minutes before moving to the one at calf height. It was so relaxing and once you get out, you basically feel like a wet noodle. The Hammam is Lucile’s favorite. It’s like a sauna but it’s very humid and tolerable. And they mix essential oils in so it smells really nice and it’s apparently really good for your skin. So we spent two hours relaxing at this incredibly cool place!

Afterward, Lucile and I went back to her apartment for tea and we just hung out for quite a while. While it was exhausting to only speak French for that long, it was so much fun and I was immediately so thankful for such a kind friend.


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