Mischief with Minou (Kitties)

When my landlord first brought home two six-week old kittens two months ago, I thought they were cute but I couldn’t imagine actually liking them. I grew up in a family of strictly dog people. But these two furry kittens have purred their way into my heart.

At first, they would stay downstairs and we’d only cross paths when I was coming in and out. They’d climb the Christmas tree or meow at me as I left, but they were too tiny to climb the stairs up to my third floor apartment.

But two months later… I joke that I’ve stopped making friends because I have cats to hang out with. At first, Lexi (the brown one) was the only one brave enough to climb the stairs up to my apartment on the third floor and Raikou (who’s orange) was far too skittish for that adventure. Raikou’s curiosity got the best of her and now they both take field trips up to come see me and cause trouble. The other day, Raikou jumped on the kitchen table and pushed a clementine off. She then picked up the stem in her teeth and brought it to me in my room. What a skill! The two are avid hide-and-seek players (Check out cache cache to get an idea. It is my life with these two).


On two separate occasions, I’ve had homesick friends over and kitten therapy works wonders!

Even when they meow in protest when I am busy cooking or preparing lessons and don’t give them adequate attention or when I close the bathroom door so they can’t roll around on the bath mat, I think I’ve found two loyal little friends.

Raikou was very proud of the clementine she delivered to me.



It’s really difficult to motivate myself to go to work on a cold Monday morning when my furry friends just want to snuggle.


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