It Never Rains in Marseille

About a month ago, my dear copain texted me asked what I was doing February 27th and informed me we were going to take a trip to Marseille. He knew I had never been and we made plans to picnic on the calanques and profit from a day of sunshine along the coast. About two weeks before, he texted me the 12-day forecast and there was a 100% chance of rain. I texted back, “They’re never sure about the weather that far out!” and didn’t think twice about it.

As it got closer, the 100% chance didn’t budge we surrendered to the fact that we were going to Marseille during a hurricane. We googled “Que faire à Marseille sous la pluie” (“what to do in Marseille when it rains”) and all of the travel sites said “Don’t worry! It never rains in Marseille!” Thus began our ironically stating to each other, “Il ne pleut jamais à Marseille !”

Well, it rained.

IMG_1182But thankfully, traveling with a boy who’s as fun and innovative as this boy means lots of laughs and dumb games. Even though our socks were soaked through on the train ride home and there was a moment when the wind whipped so badly that we sat at McDonalds to warm up with a cup of tea and played “two truths and a lie” until it was lunch time, we had such a fun time.


We planned the day strategically so as to not stand outside and ponder, “Hmm what do you want to do next?”

We started our morning at Notre Dame de Marseille located on a hill overlooking the city. I was afraid to take pictures because I thought the wind would blow my phone straight out of my hand, but it was so lovely.

Not at the top of Notre Dame, but you can see it in the background!

We walked through Le Port and ducked into a boulangerie for warmth and pastries. I think I drank six cups of tea in one day so we had an excuse to escape the weather. In a brief reprieve from the rain, we wandered through Le Panier and loved the charm of the neighborhood.

Our favorite café of the day overlooked the coast and was right across from the museum where we spent a good portion of the afternoon. The museum was fine, but not quite our thing.

Finally, we picked a nice pizza place for dinner. We reserved a table online and got a 20% off coupon. The pizzas were delicious and we ordered dessert as an excuse to stay longer (it was pouring at this point). It was my turn to pay, so I looked at the bill and saw that it came to just 20 euros. I looked at the waitress and said, “Ah bon ? Vous êtes sûre ?” (“Uhh really? Are you sure?”) and she looked it over and said, “Mmh oui ! -20 !” So I paid and we left. Outside, I showed G the receipt and he pointed out that she hadn’t taken off 20%… she had taken off 20 euros! We thought about turning around, but it was raining so hard and we had to get to the train. I consoled myself saying, “I did double check with her!”IMG_1261

So that was that. We headed to the train and we were back to Lyon. Soaked and exhausted from a packed day in Marseille. The city where it never rains.


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