Tables Have Turned – Welcoming friends to Lyon!

Over my two week spring break, I weighed different options for travel and adventure. Since I know I’m not picking up and leaving anytime soon, I feel so much less rushed to see every site in Europe in a short time period. For the time being, I’m loving where I am and saving as much money as possible. So my two weeks weren’t too extraordinary, but they certainly were refreshing.

I spent the first week helping G host a few friends who were visiting from Strasbourg. We played tour guides showing them all around Lyon and eating delicious lyonnais treats.IMG_1954

I also welcomed one of my favorite people from Harding who was my boss/ friend/ role model through my junior and senior years. She and I spent a quick weekend catching up and enjoying Lyon sites too. Thanks for coming to hang out, Audra 🙂

I hopped a train in the middle of vacation to take a quick trip to Paris and visit my mom!!! She was chaperoning a high school trip and let me tag along for a couple days. I was sick with what I thought was a virus (turned out to be the flu) the whole time, but we got to spend time catching up and she brought me SO many treats from America! I introduced G to the idea of microwave popcorn last week. He was glued to the microwave as he watched the bag expand. It was SO hilarious. After a too quick trip, I hopped back on the train and headed home.


The second week was dedicated to flu recovery (thanks to some antibiotics and a lot of orange juice). I made homemade chocolate chip cookies for another friend visiting from Strasbourg and G pulled out the maple syrup my mom brought me and he said, “Maybe we could put this on the cookies?” That was when I realized that I’m actually dating Buddy the Elf. He was so interested to try it that I said, “sure!” but also promised that I’d make pancakes soon so he can have the true experience.

So that’s my fun life right now. The kittens have gone from fuzz balls that fit in one hand to big lazy cats and I’m completely in denial. I only have ONE month left at school and that is unacceptable. The thought of leaving my colleagues and students is not one I’m ready to entertain. I love my job and the people I get to hang out with every day! So for now, I’m just trying to enjoy each day.




6 thoughts on “Tables Have Turned – Welcoming friends to Lyon!

  1. Love seeing these pictures and catching up on your blog. So glad you got to see your mom and so thankful for the great year you have had. Can’t wait to meet G someday!
    Love ya Kaitlin!

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