Pre-post vacation daze

Today was one of those days when I asked myself, “WHY did I prolong my contract a month to keep teaching these crazy children??” They were off the wall. We all were still in the post-vacation daze last week that we forgot there’s a holiday this week! Thursday is Ascension! And what’s even better… the French Education gods (who have not been very well-loved lately) threw us a bone and decided to “faire le pont” (literally meaning “make the bridge” but an expression that means there’s a holiday Thursday but they throw in Friday too and give us a four-day weekend). Every teacher and student is saying, “On fait le pont!” in celebration of the fact that our week ends Wednesday at noon. And thank goodness because the children are nuts. And driving me nuts. I was in the middle of teaching them to count to 10 in Navajo (we’re studying Native Americans) when I got so frustrated that no one was paying attention that I changed all their seats and made them be silent for two minutes. I didn’t dare teach them the Navajo dance I was planning. It was just one of those days.

This morning, I spent the whole morning at the Préfecture working on exchanging my American driver’s license. I would love to do it while I’m still living in Bourg and have a steady residence before things get crazy this summer. And I have to do it within the first 12 months to be able to exchange it for free with little effort (well, a giant heap of complicated paperwork is definitely involved, but that’s France for ya). And I figured why not because I have really awesome bureaucracy luck (hopefully I don’t jinx it!). The lady was really helpful and kind and answered all my questions, but I’ll have to go back Wednesday morning. I have another thought about this, but I think I’ll save it for another day.

Finally, I biked across town to the bookstore this afternoon to find a Mother’s Day card (sorry, Mom, it’ll be a few days late I think). Mother’s Day in France is the last Sunday in May, but I figured they’d have them out already (since we start celebrating holidays a good three months ahead in the USA). I couldn’t find any so I settled on a generic card but asked the lady while checking out. She said, “We’ll have them next week, but don’t worry. Mother’s Day isn’t for 4 more weeks!” I laughed and replied, “Well, in America it’s on Sunday!”

So after hyper-energized kids, mountains of driver’s license paperwork, and no Mother’s Day cards in sight, I’m pretty thrilled that we’re gonna faire le pont this weekend. We all need to go back on vacation.


3 thoughts on “Pre-post vacation daze

  1. I like cards. I still have your postcard from France. Couldn’t find a stamp at the store for France, they had all the other countries. I will mail your card soon!


  2. Ahhh one of those days. Mixing tough classes with bureaucracy is oh so fun… But I’m curious about how you were able to extend your contract for a month? I’ve never heard of English assistants being able to do that!


  3. I don’t know if it’s possible in every académie, but in Lyon it is! I filled out a paper in January and it got approved! I have friends that tried though who didn’t get accepted, so I’m not sure how many they let stay.

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