A change of… just about everything.

It’s officially been 3 weeks since I’ve packed up my home in Bourg-en-Bresse and moved to Lyon. And plenty of things have changed. Living in Lyon has a much different feel than small-town life. There are endless options for eating out, shopping, and just about everything else. The countless options, however, means most of my daily encounters are far less personal than in Bourg.

It’s just not the same going to the pharmacy. My old pharmacist was so kind and gracious and happily took my American pill bottles and gave me the French equivalences. My banker was patient and said my accent was “charming.” I love Lyon and I’m really happy to be here, but my day-to-day definitely feels less warm than it used to.

As far as my new home and job, being an au pair is fun and exhausting. I definitely don’t recommend jumping into a new job with a family you don’t know three weeks before summer vacation. Everyone is in “summer mode” and there’s no daily routine. I have been told at the last second about soccer banquets, drum concerts, end of year celebrations, dance performances, etc. Bed times get pushed later as the sun goes down around 10pm and homework is hardly in the picture. Adjusting to daily life is a challenge when every day is so different.

Overall, I’m happy with what I’m doing. It was the right choice for this in-between time and I think it’s the right choice for next year. I am also looking forward to some vacation and then a month in America this summer! I can’t wait to eat American food and see so many people that I love.

I’m not sure what the future will look like for this blog. Life in France just feels so normal now that I feel odd keeping a blog about everyday life. I’ll think about it this summer and we’ll see.


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