The perfect summer weekend

Back in February, G and I made plans to visit Marseille since OUIGO train tickets are so cheap (like 10 euros cheap). We picked a random weekend and ended up having downpours. The storms made it so that he couldn’t take me to the Côte Bleu (the beautiful coast of the Mediterranean) and so we made a mental note that we’d have to make a return trip.

We decided on the first weekend that I’d be back in France after a few weeks in the USA and that was that. This time, we checked the weather and instead of downpours we saw that we’d be going in the midst of a heatwave. “At least we’ll get to swim”, we thought.

So we packed our sunglasses, sunscreen, and an insane amount of water and headed off.

As I put on my Chacos to head out, G skeptically said, “You know this hike is pretty intense right?” He clearly didn’t know the kinds of adventures my Chacos have endured. I couldn’t help but wonder how intense we were talking.

Seven hours of hiking later, I understood. We stopped to swim three times and picnicked with this perfect view. img_4105

We had downloaded the trail to our phones ahead of time, but it wasn’t always easy to pick out. Sometimes it was fairly clear…


And other times it looked like this. img_4124

Swimming was the perfect way to break up the seven hours (also probably why it took us 7 instead of 4 like the GPS said). On our third stop, G did get stung by a jellyfish which quickly turned me off from the idea. He was fine but I was so glad it was at the end of the day! I might have chickened out from swimming way earlier otherwise.



Our Marseille trip was the perfect way to celebrate the end of summer! img_4116

And this pizza was our reward for the 17 km we conquered!







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